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Infant Massage Class/One-on-one Infant Massage Class (3 weeks-1 year)
$100 4 classes (with infant)
$50 single class (during pregnancy)

Both the infant massage class and the one-on-one infant massage class are three hour-long sessions that meet once a week for 3 weeks. This gives the infants time to become comfortable getting massaged and the parent/caregiver ample time to learn the massage techniques.


There is the option to take the infant massage class during pregnancy. The duration of the infant massage class during pregnancy is 45 minutes. I will have a doll on hand for individuals to practice on and after the baby is born I'd be happy to address any questions or go over the material a second time. 






One-on-one Pediatric Massage Class (1 year-18 years)
$30 single class
$130 5 classes package plus first free class (6 classes in total)

For pediatric clients 1-18 who are coming for general health once I establish trust, communication, and rapport the child/adolescent can continue to see me periodically in a similar manner as adults who receive massage. For pediatric clients 1-18 who are coming for a specific health concern I may see them more often initially and then once the specific health concern is addressed see them less frequently.


Trust, communication, and rapport usually takes about 3-4 sessions to establish which is why I recommend getting a 5 package deal as this will give the child time to figure out if they trust me and why I offer a free meet and greet.


Pediatric Fascial Balancing
$30 single class
$130 5 classes package

The first visit is an hour, which allows time for a discussion regarding the pregnancy, labor, early experiences for the child and concerns of the parent. After a gentle assessment that follows the child’s cues the treatment usually takes 30 minutes. Subsequent sessions will last 30 minutes and will be held once every 2-3 weeks. For issues related to nursing/eating or constipation each session will be scheduled a week apart until the issue resolves. Typically I will see the child for 3-4 sessions with the last one being very short and usually just a check in to make sure I haven’t missed anything and to make sure nothing new is coming up. At the beginning of each session there will be time to discuss any changes observed and concerns the parent might have and before treatment a gentle assessment that follows the child's cues will be done to note any changes that occurred. 


Location and Facilities

Due to Covid I am no longer offering in person classes or massage sessions through the end of the year at least. I am currently offering online infant massage classes and online pediatric massage consultation over Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. Pricing will be the same with the first pediatric (ages 1-18) session still being offered for freeThere will still be an option to choose sliding scale. 

Note: in regards to vaccines it is recommended waiting to do massage two days after the child receives vaccinations. This recommendation is very conservative and I've found that massaging a single area of the body- the back, abdomen, the feet, etc- in the two days after a vaccine can help with fussiness and with calming the nervous system. I recommend parents to not do all the massage routines in the two days after vaccination (which would be too overwhelming for the nervous system) but instead pick one area that their child especially enjoys having massaged. If the parents notice that the limb the shot was given is tense, I recommend a containment hold i.e. holding the limb gently in your hands while encouraging the baby to relax. For containment holds, the same principles of consent and yes/no cueing from massage apply.  I encourage parents to pay particular attention to infants cueing when giving massage in the two days after a vaccine to make sure the nervous system doesn't become overwhelmed. 

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This applies to the one-on-one pediatric class only

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